Updated: 17 July 2006 
Dissolute baby Kristy invites you to watch her playing with herself. After she pays attention to her feet this baby will show her nice tits and big round ass and go on playing with her clit. Having once her games started Kristy never stops in the middle, so nothing can stop her but a good orgasm.
Updated: 16 July 2006 
Cool young goddess Viktorya has given us another charge of sexuality and beauty. She sparkles like the jewel on her toe when she gives away an innocent charming smile and rubs her perfect feet. Get ready for an icredible turn on and let the show start...
Updated: 14 July 2006 
Lust burns Vika from inside making her roll and crawl over the cover of her bed. You can watch her nice feet and naked body while this red hot girl satisfies her wet pussy rubbing it with a dildo and fingers. She won't calm down till that nuclear orgasm makes her cry and tremble.
Updated: 12 July 2006 
This time Nadya appears as a trashy punk girl in ragged jeans. But she still has got a furry bra and her toes are as usually well-groomed and covered with red polish. Nevertheless it's gonna be an extraordinary show, this girl brakes the rules and makes men loose heads following their dicks.
Updated: 10 July 2006 
Nothing can be such a turn on as a fresh teenage body under shower streams. Viktoriya doesn’t mind to show you her cute colored panties, nice little tits and innocent brilliant smile as she rubs her beautiful feet after the shower.
Updated: 08 July 2006 
No doubt about this baby is a very very bad girl. Marta shows off in her exclusive style, naughty and willing, so you can see all of her parts in all positions. And to tell the truth, all of them are really nice, especially her straight open glance and little feet made for trampling down admirers.
Updated: 06 July 2006 
Tonight Marta has put on her see-through show shoes and cool short dress to give us a real knock out! She is definately though one who can make a men melt in her hands and crawl at her feet. By the way these feet are worth worship, you gotta see it yourself!
Updated: 04 July 2006 
Barely legal teenage footshow from sexy Marina. Though she is just 18 this baby has got it all. Huge nice breasts, round ass, tanned body and 10 sweet toes with polished nails she loves to suck when alone in her children's room.
Updated: 02 July 2006 
Some women definately know what their feet are made for. Wild cats Marta and Nadya show their skills making nice long sex with their toes and soles using them for everything. Not an inch of their cute feet is left without care, as well as their juicy pussies and other sencitive spots of those hot young bodies.
Updated: 30 June 2006 
A shower with a gilfriend has always been a great idea! Marta seduces Yana to do it with her. The are taking shower slowly and thoroughly, rubbing each inch of their beautiful young bodies with foam. And of course they will pay some extra attention to feet. Soap is too rough for those toes so the girlfriends clean them with their own tongues and saliva.
Updated: 26 June 2006 
One more hot performance by Marta and Nadya. This time girls meet in private atmosphere. They leave all that wonderful clothes off and give each other tonns of pleasure filling the room with moans and cries of pleasure. Pure sexuality, spiced with sweaty skin, soft light and two couples of nice little feet.
Updated: 18 June 2006 
Frisking on a bad has always been the best way to waste time for Marta and her best girlfriend Nadya. Feel free to watch them playing those naughty games when they start to fool over the bad and finish sucking and licking each others feet like mad making each other moan like a couple of cheap sluts.

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