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Updated: 02 April 2009 
A stunning blonde and a hot brunette worship each others feet. Fondling and touching one another, eager to make each other cum they make their nude bodies tremble with pleasure in passionate hugs.
Updated: 29 March 2009 
This baby has slim beautiful legs. She plays with them demonstrating their beauty and grace. She is kissing her long beautiful toes, sucks them nice and deep. She strips at ease, with a sprightly nice smile on her face.
Updated: 27 March 2009 
Sex is known to be an eternal, beautiful thing! He is kinda guy who knows what he needs. Their looks are full of sexual excitement. They have beautiful bodies and feet! Their sexual games abundant with various refined activities; they always know how to make one another happy.
Updated: 25 March 2009 
Enjoy watching this extremely hot girl in various sets with her gorgeous feet! Her boyfriend absolutely crazy about her feet came over to her. Hes just in time I must say! Getting more and more excieted, he touches her toes with his lips and her heels with his tongue while she is looking at him gratefully….
Updated: 23 March 2009 
What sexy feet girls wearing white socks have! She puts her book aside and gives an excieting foot show, with her white socks being gradually taken off. After taking off her panties and unbuttoning her tee-shirt, lovely baby licks her own feet and sucks her toes.
Updated: 22 March 2009 
Comunicating with her boyfriend in internet, Monique had been asked to make a little striptease for him in front of her web camera. He didn’t have to ask twice! Taking gradually the clothes off herself, with some erotic soft gestures, she does a real erotic show for her boyfriend.
Updated: 21 March 2009 
It is their first sexual lesbian experience; they feel little diffident. However, although their touches are quite hesitant, they are very affectionate and full of passion! They, having removed all the useless dresses, are absolutely free expressing their passion doing their intimate gestures.
Updated: 19 March 2009 
After keeping Alesya waiting for him taking shower quite a long time, her boyfriend at last got out of the bathroom and found her greatly excited longing for sex. He – appreciating her excitement – lets the towel fall on the floor; he is before her feet passionately touching them with his tongue, while Alesya gets increasingly excited playing with his cock…
Updated: 18 March 2009 
Having done her pedicure, she starts playing with a piece of ice brought by her boyfriend. Laughing and willing to tease him a little, she takes off her clothes. So her boyfriend, just like you now, has a chance to appreciate her young elastic body she is demonstrating him without a shade of shame on her shining face.
Updated: 17 March 2009 
Done with her work on computer, Katka releases a real first-rate erotic show! This beautiful girl with gorgeous body and feet, can easily get to the top without any promotions. Her big breasts are just beyond any words of praise! Rubbing her pussy with stockings she teases herself driving us just one step of madness!
Updated: 15 March 2009 
Having done the pedicure to her friend Mila, Rosa kissed her foot and offered some massage, which she knows Mila loves a lot! The touches of her friend are very hot. Mila and her friend take their dresses off and get completely nude! Being nude they enjoy watching one another as their beautiful feet touch.
Updated: 13 March 2009 
Although he meant just reading his book and she – doing something for fun, her feet are in his mouth! Welcome to watch Foot Fetish and Foot Job – the fascinating shows with gorgeous lady Kristy greatly enjoying herself in the company of a gentleman.

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