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Updated: 20 January 2009 
Lots of good words might be said about her big round breasts and beautiful face, her fascinating smile and fat pussy lips! Nevertheless, you shell not disregard also her long slim legs ending with a couple of sweet feet!
Updated: 19 January 2009 
Everything starts just as usualy: kissing, foreplay, hot sex, which comes to the end pretty soon. However, willing to go on with pleasure they figure foot job to be the best, as them both love it very much!
Updated: 15 January 2009 
Welcome to watch the beautiful young babies playing their sexual games filmed on these sets! They are fondling each other feet, with their feet teasing each other’s pussies! Their feet are definitely worth admiring and worshipping them!
Updated: 13 January 2009 
Today they aren’t going to have just sex. Vika's boyfriend has suggested something new for a change in their sexual life. That's his secret fantasy he has been dreaming about for a long time - streams of his cum running down her feet after a nice footjob.
Updated: 10 January 2009 
They are playing just like two cats in love, their lips and tongues touch tenderly. They like to know you're watching their horny games, it turns them on making them experience new wild things together.
Updated: 08 January 2009 
Wow! Polina is a kind of girl who knows how to excite her admirers pretty well! She has an exclusively seductive smile and very pretty feet her boyfriend loves to pet. With her feet, she drives him in ecstasy. Addicted to footjob, they don't mind if we enjoy watching their lustful games!
Updated: 05 January 2009 
It has been Yuliya's dream since she met Anya to get to those sweet feet of her. Once after the girlfriends had some wine together Yuliya finally revealed to her friend in a frank talk and confessed in her lust and addiction to footfetish. Anya found it being a good idea so two sweethearts dove into bed and used all power of their tongues on each other's feet and clits.
Updated: 03 January 2009 
Iyna loves to play with her boyfriend's cock. She is very creative and each time she has another sexy game in her mind. Today she wants to do some footjob, which is her boyfriend's favorite . With her beautiful graceful feet, she is driving him into an incredible orgasm!
Updated: 18 August 2008 
Lovely girlfriends fit each other perfectly cause no one is good enough to hold a queen but another queen. After a nice juicy footlicking foreplay the ladies get red hot and make each other soak and moan as temperature rises and orgasm comes up to tear their sweaty bodies in pieces.
Updated: 30 March 2008 
Watch blond classy girl with a face of a Playboy covergirl. She is gorgeous: splendid body and elegant beautiful legs. She looks very sexy slowly taking her black stockings off her beautiful legs!
Updated: 31 December 2007 
She is one of the hottest bitches we've ever shot. Hell of a teaser, she moves her curvy body like a horny pussy cat in March, touches herself and gets naked playing with her little lovely feet.
Updated: 27 November 2007 
These beautiful young ladies are crazy about their slim lovely bodies. Coming home, they immediately jump into bed and start to undress each other slowly and passionately. They taste one another like ripe peaches, caress velvet skin and suck toes like clingtones covered with yummy juice.

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