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Updated: 17 April 2006 
This time Anna and Yuliya have caught a guy with a big cock and large tongue starving for juicy pussies and tasty toes. So this love affair is gonna take all of that wide bed, four feet, three tongues and plenty of time untill they fall down tired as hell and satisfied as heaven.
Updated: 13 April 2006 
Vika and Gelya are feeling definitely playful tonight. Pretty young ladies get undressed leaving just undies on and turn theirselves on looking through an erotic magazine. Soon, horny babes realize that real stuff works better and lean to each other for a hot footfetish girl-to-girl sex.
Updated: 11 April 2006 
The beauty queen of the neighbourhood Lusya has brought little shy Maer to her flat to give the girly a couple of footfetish lessons. Still feeling shy Mayer can not control herself anymore. Once involved into those lesbian foot games she becomes damn addicted to that unusual pleasure.
Updated: 07 April 2006 
These babes have perfect young bodies and faces. They have absolutely beautiful long legs. Irene and Cristina are having a real lesbian orgy! They are feeling slightly horny touching each others feet. They are getting bare naked, exposing their beautiful private parts! Just a turn on, no shit.
Updated: 03 April 2006 
These two girls are so damn pretty. Watching them is nothing but a pleasure. They will lean to each other in a passionate kiss and then will help each other to take off those small pieces of cloth that hide their nice bodies. Playing with one another’s breasts and legs they won’t also forget about their pussies which they will lick to each other with care and passion
Updated: 01 April 2006 
These student girls even undress each other using their feet. Obviously it isnt their first lesbian footfetish experience. They know all the tricks pretty well and act in bed like a couple of perfect sex machines. Sad, but they don't need our help to get off at all.
Updated: 28 March 2006 
This time Yuliya and Marina couldn't even wait until they get to bed. So dissolute girlfriends get to their lesbian foot games right in the hall. Two sexy demons get rid of their sexy laced underwear and get overwhelmed with lust doing bad things that feel so good. Mmm... what a yummy view.
Updated: 26 March 2006 
The fact is Yuliya has got damn wonderful big titts and coolest tanned feet to die for. Baby enjoys exposing her beauties to us guys so much she can't stand the excietment. Sweety needs to get off and she drives herself to an orgasm rubbin her hard clit while we can enjoy watching those sweet toes of her.
Updated: 24 March 2006 
Done with everything for today Natasha and Nadin lean to each other in a wet hot kiss. That's a good starter and the ending wont be worse. The girls will take it all of each other and of that comfortable sofa they occupied for naughty lesbian footfetish games. Tongues to feet, feet to pussies, moans and orgasms are coming!
Updated: 20 March 2006 
Open your eyes and push the button. Tawny brunette Natasha is as wild as much there deep passion glowing in her eyes and innocent just like her blue panties. Her smooth pussy is nothing but a piece of art as well as those wonderful brown feet of her. You can almost hear them appealing: Eat me!
Updated: 16 March 2006 
Blonde baby Nadin being in playful mood gives out an erotic footshow. As usualy when she comes home after work baby gives her feet a massage thinking of footjob she would love to give to her boss. Horny lady takes her red undies off and jerks off to a furious orgasm.
Updated: 14 March 2006 
Her coral lips and graceful feet fit together perfectly. Lusya doesnt mind to show you her body and you shouldnt miss the chance. More than that! Carried away playing with her feet sweet babe gets to rubbing her clit and shows us all the secrets of her beautiful anathomy. Watching such a beauty has never been just a waste of time!

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